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Homevet is really worth it!

I found "Homevet pages " by coinsidence when i was internet surfing and I really liked the idea about taking care of my pet in my own home. So I decided to "try" doctor Koudelková and call her about my dogs "Aida's" care. I was happy and satisfied just with her very first visit and I highly recommend her.

Sára Nejdlová, nurse


I have been so busy with getting ready to travel to Israel to even  have time for arranging documents for my animals. But Homevet helped me. They did everything necessary for us. Dr. Koudelková visited us, vaccinated my cat with all necessary vaccines and she came back  to take blood samples in couple of days. After that, she took the blood to the laboratory herself and she sent me all necessary results from laboratory to travel. So we are very content with her and recommend her to our relatives, friends and aquaintances. 

From Israel greetings, Katrin.

Katrin Beker, woman head of household.
Dear Dr. Koudelkova,

Thank you very much for treating my cat Zdendik - I am more than content with your service. Everything went very fast, you came in 30 minutes, and in a professional way. My cat was treated in my apartment, that was where my pet feels the most comfortable. Although his pain after injury was very bad, the treatment was very easy on  my cat. If there were more services working like this, everything would have been a lot easier. Keeping  my fingers crossed for your job success and i wish you a lot of content customers.

Ing. Linda Frantová, Customer Service/Dedicated Customer Professional

„Its a great service!"

Jiří Dvořák, chef

My labrador retriever had an accident one month ago. After positive experiencies previously, I called Dr. Koudelkova again. She came and gave us  plenty of time, she even showed me everything about my dogs knee accident in a medical book so we understood better,what was wrong and what had happened.  After that education, I was better able to decide how to treat it's knee the best. Althrought i didnt decide for surgery for my dog because of his heartmurmur, after the pills, my dog didget better and he is not going to be lame anymore. He is even able to run and play again.

Mgr. Irma Harenčáková, administrative worker

Great attitude to owners as well as to patients.

We call Dr. Koudelkova just for vaccination so far, because our animals are healthy, thank God. She is very symphathetic and willing to provide good service and we like the way she greets our dog and cat anytime when she arrives. Its obvious, that she loves animals.  
Šárka Patáková, singer

Homevet is fantastic!

The saved time is worth it alone to call HomeVet. I just wonder how it is possible that other vets didn't start "on call home meetings" in the past.

Markéta Šmídová, student

Dr. Koudelková helped my Ben very quickly. 

Dr. Koudelková has been taking care of my dog "Ben" for such a long time. We appreciate the availability of clinical examination or vaccinations directly in our apartment.

But we needed her help last time the most. Ben cut his paw in the woods. We called her and she gave us advice and told us how to stabilize the wound. After that, she arrived quickly to the woods and dressed the wound . Dear Marta, we are more than happy that we know you and thank you so much for taking care for our dog Ben.

Jaroslav with family from Prague

I trust Dr. Koudelkova for more than one year.

I love my cat so much as if my cat were my own child. I worry about her at times and hope for her to be always healthy and I can not stand when  she's so scared in veterinary waiting room. Dr. Koudelkova is symphatical young doctor, she has cats at home and she treats my Susan so nicely, so I am very content with her service.

Jana Hladíková, saleswoman

„We used to fight our shepherd dogs dermatitis for a long time, but just in time, Homevet was able to help us.

Alli got great treatment and profound goodcare and it seems like we finally won against purulent skin. Thousand times thanks from Alli.

Bc.Veronika Uhlířová, law assistant, Prague

"Betynka started a new life."

Betynka needed surgery because of breast tumors. In the other vet clinic, they told us, that the tumour was too big and it was not worth it to have any surgery. They told us that our dog was too old. Dr. Koudelkova gave my Betynka another chance and performed the surgery. In the end, there were not any complications and Dr. Koudelkova together with Dr. Jira saved the  life of our sweet dog.

Marie Bendová, retired