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Services and Rates

Complex veterinary care

We provide quality medical care for your dog, cat and most exotics pets. Our primary area of coverage is Prague and northern and eastern Prague neighborhood (f.E. Klecany, Líbeznice, Čelákovice, Úvaly), but we can occasionally serve other, more outlying areas.

At Home Vet provides many in-home services including but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive well-pet care: vaccinations, de-worming, annual exams, etc.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of non-surgical conditions
  • Laboratory diagnostics
  • Minor injury care
  • Behavioral consultations
  • End of life care

Should your pet require hospitalization, x-rays or surgery, At Home Vet can transfer your pet at a local veterinary hospital. When in-patient services are no longer required, follow-up care can be continued at home, thus providing the complete spectrum of medical care for your pet.

Our rates

  • Vaccinations dog (infektions diseases, rabies, the basic clinical examination included) 380 Kč - 450 Kč
  • Vaccination against rabies separately in dogs and cats, the basic clinical examination included 250 Kč
  • Vaccinations cat (infectionsdiseases, rabies, the basic clinical examination included) 380 Kč - 450Kč
  • Vaccination Purevax RCPCH (also against Chlamydophila felis) 600Kč
  • Rabbit vaccination Pestorin Mormyx 250 Kč
  • Basic examination (most situations) 200 Kč
  • Longer or more specialized examination (more than 30 minutes) 300Kč
  • Nail Trim 80 Kč
  • Anal glands 80 Kč
  • Ultrasound teeth cleaning, removal of tartar 1000 Kč + material
  • Cat spaying 1350 Kč
  • Cat neutering  750 Kč
  • Dog neutering  1500-2500 Kč depends on size of dog
  • Dog neutering in inhalation anesthesia 2000-3500 Kč depends on size of dog
  • Dog spaying 2500-5000 Kč depends on size of dog
  • Dog spaying in inhalation anesthesia 3000-6000 Kč depends on size of dog 
  • Blood tests (general health profile, hematology) 600-1000 Kč 
  • Microchip Datamars, Virbac BackHome 650 Kč
  • Passport 250 Kč
  • Health certificate 150 Kč
  • Emergency visit fee 100 Kč
  • Travel fee ranges from 0-300 Kč depending on where you live. You can also share travel fee with your neighbors if you have multiple animals.